Five Fortunes

This got started to fill a need for some interesting Greeked text. There was an irresistible urge to make the page dynamic...

You learn to write as if to someone else because NEXT YEAR YOU WILL BE

Q: Why did the lone ranger kill Tonto?
A: He found out what "kimosabe" really means.

Beware of Bigfoot!

A classic is something that everyone wants to have read
and nobody wants to read.
-- Mark Twain, "The Disappearance of Literature"

Give him an evasive answer.



08/24/12: all new material is at

09/26/03: Building the standard workstation
Integral Yoga® Upper West Side
1/22/05: Notes on NFS and Moving Data
7/18/05: taring  /
09/14/06: Five Fortunes
11/28/06: .sv files
12/19/06: Excel Formulas and Macros
05/26/08: linux notebook
08/10/11: Pulling and Pushing with SSH

warm and fuzzy:
01/11/03: Gandhi Bibliography
10/31/04: Polly's Halloween Costume
12/13/05: Integral Yoga at Sunflowers Loft
12/29/06: Contact Information
09/02/07: Vacation 07

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