Five Fortunes

This got started to fill a need for some interesting Greeked text. There was an irresistible urge to make the page dynamic...

Q: What do you call a half-dozen Indians with Asian flu?
A: Six sick Sikhs (sic).

Q: Do you know what the death rate around here is?
A: One per person.

If two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it.
-- Ernest Hemingway

Try to have as good a life as you can under the circumstances.

Beware of a dark-haired man with a loud tie.



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Integral Yoga® Upper West Side
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09/14/06: Five Fortunes
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12/19/06: Excel Formulas and Macros
05/26/08: linux notebook
08/10/11: Pulling and Pushing with SSH

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12/13/05: Integral Yoga at Sunflowers Loft
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09/02/07: Vacation 07

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